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How to Fit a Standard Sling from a Lying Position


  The following pictures are provided as a guide only, in a basic numerical format of how to fit a standard sling design from a lying position. Please note that a general assessment must be conducted in all instances by a qualified carer. ZTW Mobility does not accept any liability in relation to an incorrectly fitted sling.  




Place the patient comfortably on their side (similar to that of the recovery position). Please lay out the sling as shown above in a half rolled out format.








Once the sling is correctly in position, then safely roll the patient over on to the sling as shown.








Roll the sling out in an open format, ensuring that the patient is supported and comfortable at all times.








Ensuring that the carer maintains safe practice, please carefully roll the patient over on to their back, placing their hands by their sides.








Please place the leg support pieces underneath the patient’s legs, ensuring the modesty loop is through fitted as shown. Repeat the process of the shoulder straps and attach the appropriate length to the 6) spreader bar. If the patient requires head support, then please ensure that the correct sling is used appropriately.






Finally, please communicate with the patient that you are lifting them upright or reassure them via other means if they have difficulty understanding you. Use the guide straps to steady the patient as required.