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How to Fit a Handling Belt


  The following pictures are provided as a guide only, in a basic numerical format of how to fit a standard or padded handling belt from a seated position. Please note that a general assessment must be conducted in all instances by a qualified carer. ZTW Mobility does not accept any liability in relation to an incorrectly fitted handling belt.  




With this product, the patient should have some upper body support. Therefore, please ask the user to lean forward and slip the belt behind the back in an upright position. Ensure that the patient is supported at all times.







Once the belt is around the waist, please loosen to the appropriate size and connect the master buckle and tighten accordingly. Do not overtighten to ensure that patient comfort is adhered to.







The final photograph as shown above shows how the patient handling belt should look prior to use. Please ensure that any loose webbing is tucked away in the belt loops provided.